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A woman from Wendong donated stem cells twice

Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong On Internet

A woman named Lv Mingyu went to the hospital for the second time. She has donated her stem cells once for half a year to save a girl from Jiangsu. She is a common person working in a electric company in Wendeng, a city of Weihai. She joins in the stem cell collection in Wendeng and her blood sample is collected in the National Marrow Bank in May,2011.
Lv Yuming donated for a girl from Suzhou and successfully she saved the girl on Apr.12,2011. But , due to the health threat, the girl needs stem cell again, so Lv decided to donate again. In the meanwhile, she persuaded her family who worried her own health. "If I do not give her the cells, I would regret in my life. And what I do will bring the happiness to her family",Lv said.
Source: Qiluwanbao

Date:2011-10-31 18:07:07     
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