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International Forum for Qingdao Blue Economic Development closed


Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong On Internet

The International Forum for Qingdao Blue Economic Development,held by Shandong provincial government and 12ministries, successfully concluded on Oct.30,2011.
The forum of "blue economy - technological innovation and industrial development" as its theme, from the United States, Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Japan and other 17 countries, more than 90 guests and national government departments, universities,research institutes, financial institutions, large enterprises and other interested parties on behalf of a total of 500 people attended the forum. 18 domestic and international scholars, government officials and entrepreneurs discusses the marine science and technology innovation, development of marine industry, marine environmental protection, regional economic cooperation and financial capital to promote the development such as lectures and in-depth.
It is reported that this forum is the national strategy. It is an important forum held by Shandong. The participants of high level, broad areas.the development of blue economy is going to create a fabulous atmosphere and write a new chapter.
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Date:2011-10-31 15:01:08     
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