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Designs to bridge "heaven and earth"
Designs to bridge



As the next host, Qingdao is in the spotlight at the final week of the Xi`an expo.

Designs for the International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao combine the site`s existing natural elements including reservoirs, rivers, hilly areas and woodland.

With the themes of "green expo, world civilizations, ecological environment and the future of Qingdao", the expo has major sections that have been named "Fairies Showering Flowers", Heavenly Water and Earthly Pond" and "Belts of Seven Colors".

The concepts originate from the ancient Chinese tale Seven Fairies Descend to the Mortal World, which describes how seven fairies flew over Jiaozhou Bay and were fascinated by the charming lands of Baiguoshan Mountain.

They scattered flowers and belts to form a 2,000-meter-long rose road extending from the mountaintop. It represents the passage from heaven to earth.

The Heavenly Water and Earthly Pond will flank the north and south of the garden, with a rose pavilion between them.

The pavilion and waters will be linked by belts of various colors that symbolize communication between heaven and earth.

The whole garden is divided into seven color zones that represent the five elements in ancient Chinese cosmology - metal, wood, water, fire and earth - as well as sun and moon "rainbow belts".

Designs to bridge


The city`s century-old beer culture is among its promotions for Qingdao Week.

The red zone, also called the Chinese zone, is unique in integrating the surrounding landform with viewing stands in the eastern highlands overlooking the whole park.

The orange floriculture zone aims to bring the green of daily life and the beauty of spiritual purification to viewers.

The theme of the yellow herb zone - "thanks to nature, dialog with life" - is derived from the ancient compendium Materia Medica that describes plants with healing properties.

It will feature displays of classic medicines, prescriptions, new achievements in the fight against diseases and the essence of Chinese medical science.

The green zone will have the theme "cognition, imagination - happy horticulture", and is designed to provide a paradise incorporating knowledge and entertainment.

The light green area will be a science garden with the theme of "finding, exploring and thinking - love nature". It will mainly display extant and extinct and endangered species.

The blue area will be a garden for environmentally friendly industries to provide exchanges among enterprises.

The purple area will be an international garden for countries to display paintings conveying different cultures.

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