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Forum on Yellow River Delta to be held in Binzhou

The High-Level International Forum on the Development of Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological Economic Zone is scheduled to be held in Binzhou, East China’s Shandong province from August 23 to 27.

Officials and experts with international perspectives and CEOs of large-scale enterprises will discuss topics covering cyclic economy, low-carbon economy, energy-saving, modern agriculture, modern logistics and development of marine resources after conducting fact-finding researches.

Large-scale recruitment, promotion of scientific cooperation and investment wooing campaign will also be held during the forum.

The following years will see Binzhou focus on building four economic areas to develop near-port industries, ecological agriculture, urban-oriented economy and emerging industries.

According to Zhang Zhaohong, vice mayor of Binzhou, six industries--- textile, petro chemical, oil and food, equipment manufacturing, marine organism and new energies--- will be developed into pillar industries.


Date:2010-8-20 13:49:42     
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