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Wheelchair Fencing: HK fencers dominate

Hong Kong fencers Chan Yui-chong and Yu Chui-yee grabbed a gold apiece from the two on offer at the Beijing Paralympic Fencing Hall on Tuesday.

Chan defeated China`s Yao Fang in the women`s individual epee B, and later said: "I was very nervous when my rival made up several points to level the score at 11-11.

Hong Kong`s Yu Chui-yee lunges toward China`s Zhang Chuncui during the women`s individual epee B wheelchair fencing final Tuesday. Yu went on to win the gold. [Agencies]

"Even when the scoreboard displayed 15 along my name, I couldn`t believe I really won the gold."

Sayasunee Jana of Thailand took the bronze, defeating Liudmila Vasilyeva of Russia.

In the women`s individual foil A final on Tuesday, Hong Kong`s world champion Yu clashed with Zhang Chuncui, just a day after latter had beaten her in the epee final.

This time it was Yu who triumphed, taking the honors with a hard-earned 15-13 win.

"When I was behind at the beginning of the bout, I concentrated on the match and wanted to catch up with Zhang, calmly and step by step. I`m very happy I made it," said 24-year-old Yu, a first year post-graduate student majoring in sports administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Bronze went to Yu`s teammate Fan Pui-shan, who beat Sabrina Poignet of France.

Today, the last two fencing gold medals are on offer the men`s individual sabre categories A and B.

Date:2008-9-17 10:47:00     
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