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    My city will strengthen the cooperation in IT industry with Korean South Chungcheong Province

    On the afternoon of November 16, IT industrial personage from Korean South Chungcheong Province gathered together with the representatives from IT centers/zones and industries. They developed a seminar over the enhancement of exchange and united efforts in development in the IT areas.

    South Chungcheong Province is the R&D and manufacturing center of the whole world’s flat panel display industry. Its monitor technical level is in the lead of the whole world, with the output occupying above 60% of South Korea. South Chungcheong Province now has 5,790 industries of various kinds, its per head GDP rows the 2nd of South Korea, its information industries are developed, and the industries of semiconductor, monitor, film and television media hold the important position in South Korea. Samsung Electronics spent 12 billion US dollars in constructing plants here.
    Date:2006-11-20 13:11:11銆    
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