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[2014.02.20] Report of the news conference

 [2014.02.20] Report of the news conference
Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong on Internet

[14:26:38 February 15, 2014]Chen Qiang: Media friends, ladies and gentlemen, Hello everybody! Welcome to the Provincial Information Office press conference. Today, we invite Jinan Branch of People`s Bank Deputy Governor Mr. Xiao Longcang, deputy director of the Banking Bureau in Shandong Mr. Xie Xiao Fei, Mr. Zhao Hongjun, deputy director of Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau, Mr. Yao Fei, deputy director of Shandong IIA on "About Shandong Province Financial Support Services development of guidance "to publish interpret and answer questions from reporters. Also we attend today`s press conference in central Shandong news agencies, news media reporter friends in Hong Kong branches in Shandong, Jinan, provincial and major news units. First, Mr. Xiao Longcang is for "guidance financial support for development of service industry in Shandong Province" for publishing interpretation.
 [14:31:06 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: Dear friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen: Hello, everyone in the afternoon! Very pleased to attend the Provincial Information Office press conference. Here, I will "support the development of service industry in Shandong Province on financial guidance," the introduction of the background and the main content, to give you a brief introduction. First, the "opinions" issued in the background. The service industry is an important part of the real economy, its level of development is an important indicator of the extent of modern economic development. In recent years, the province`s service sector has made considerable progress. But generally speaking, the total small-scale services, structural level is not good, lack of entrepreneurship and innovation dynamic, market less competitive, and economic status of Shandong province is not commensurate, is still the province`s economic development, "short board . "
 [14:34:15 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: as we know, the finance is the key of the modern economy. It boosts the development of the service industry and plays a great role. First, the service industry enhances the development and the support for finance. The modern service belongs to the personal and information industry and the fund intensive industry. It needs amount of money.
 [14:35:02 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: second, the finance support the fast development of the service industry with the stable fund policy and priority credit structure. Prudent monetary policy this year, stressed that "maintaining stability." "Stability", mainly in the amount of stability, the focus is to create a stable monetary and financial environment; "progress", mainly for the structural optimization, by improving and optimizing the financing structure, credit structure, improve the ability of financial services in the real economy. Financial support accelerated development of services in line with the implementation of prudent monetary policy requirements, but also conducive to financial institutions to optimize the credit structure, help to open up new business growth, the financial industry itself is conducive to sustainable development.
 [14:36:09 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: third, the finance has to be a sample for the fast development of service industry. The finance is the important part of the modern service industry. It boosts the development of itself and the speed of this industry.
 [14:37:26 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: the main content of the guiding opinions. There are five aspects and 18 measures. All those policies is as follows: first, enhance the finance support for the weak point of the provincial service industry. Second, we point out the need for the creation for the modern service in the market. There are kinds of service industries and among them, the finance needs to be more characteristics and features.
 [14:44:04 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: Outstanding financial support in favor of strengthening the service industry to accelerate the development of credit system. Sound and comprehensive credit system will help alleviate the information asymmetry between financial institutions and service enterprises, and promote the flow of credit funds more services.
 [14:45:02 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: (D) to highlight the financial sector to accelerate its development. The financial industry is an important part of modern service industries, accelerated development of services for the province has an important role in supporting and leading. 2013, Shandong province issued a deepening financial reform 22 measures brought valuable opportunities to accelerate the development of the financial sector. We have "Opinions" to deepen financial reform as an opportunity to expedite the banking, securities and insurance industry to develop a series of specific measures. As in the banking industry to accelerate the development, organization focused on promoting sound banking system.
 [14:47:12 February 15, 2014] Xiao Longqiang: (V) strengthen the policy highlighted the positive incentives. Promote the accelerated development of services, it is necessary to respect the laws of the market, the market mechanism to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, but also to better play the role of government, to create a good environment for the development of service industry. In the "opinion", the "line of four innings," have put forward a range of support services to accelerate the development of incentive policies. Jinan Branch of People`s Bank of clear, large financial institutions on agriculture-related services to support micro and small service enterprises efforts in refinancing and rediscount and the difference between the reserve and other aspects of dynamic adjustment to give policy support; encourage qualified service enterprises issuance of commercial acceptance bills, enhance credibility and reduce financial costs.

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