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[2014.02.13] Report of the news conference

Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong on Internet

 [09:00:38 February 13, 2014]Wang Shinong: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to the press conference. In recent years, under the leading ship of the province and government, we get a rapid development in economy and the urbanization. At the same time, as a abundant culture province with a long history and civilization, the whole province develops fast and healthily and makes new achievement in other aspects.
[09:03:38 February 13, 2014]Wang Hongyong: in order to complement the new urbanization work form the central government and the province, we boost the protection for the culture and the basic public service system, speed up the development of the economic culture. Since 2014, the urban memory project is born and it is a protection project of the urban historic streets and the traditional living yards. The key point is the cultural heritage and the traditional buildings with the local characteristics and culture. It aims to level up the new urbanization and new urban development and a new try for the Shandong traditional culture heritage.
 [09:06:18 February 13, 2014]Wang Hongyong: First, the implementation of the "rural Memory Project", is the central and provincial government to implement important initiatives to strengthen the construction of the new urbanization require the deployment of cultural heritage. The party`s 18 clearly made to adhere to new urbanization with Chinese characteristics, and promote positive interaction between industrialization and urbanization, urbanization and agricultural modernization coordination, promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization in parallel. "" Village Memory Project "from reality, the urgent need to adapt to the rich cultural heritage of the region`s urban and rural construction, the protection and integration of urban and rural cultural heritage of traditional construction process, the traditional cultural heritage protection platform to build rural communities, is a continuation of rural history text veins, and constantly enrich urbanization and new rural construction powerful measure connotation and effective.
 [09:12:22 February 13, 2014]Wang Hongyong: Second, the implementation of the "rural Memory Project" is an innovative attempt to protect traditional cultural heritage of Qilu model. Qilu culture has a long history, rich in content, between different regions with different styles, a variety of living traditions, crafts heritage, rich stock of folk customs, religion, architecture, etc., local traditional cultural heritage, protection of heritage significance. Protection of cultural heritage in urban and rural construction is a new issue, the scope of protection in addition to already announced by all levels of government cultural relics protection units, but also has a large number of cultural, historical, architectural value of the cultural heritage, in addition to the above-ground and underground unproved heritage .
 [10:13:22 February 13, 2014]Wang Hongyong: the implement of the urban memory project boosts the local culture development. The leading thought is keeping the government, public, culture and economy development together with the method of whole and long-lasting scientific development advice.
 [10:15:15 February 13, 2014]Wang Shinong: as follow, let us welcome the director of Shandong Bureau of Cultural Relics.
 [10:15:15 February 13, 2014]Xie Zhixiu: Here, I will "Village Memory Project" situation for everyone to make an introduction. First, the "Memory of the country," the proposed rapid economic and social development of China`s urbanization process has accelerated noticeably. Since the Third Plenary Session of eighteen, the State Council on strengthening urbanization has made a series of new decisions and plans, general secretary Xi Jinping and other central leaders of urbanization, especially in the process of urbanization in the protection of cultural heritage heritage made a series of important instructions and instructions.
 [10:18:15 February 13, 2014]Xie Zhixiu: 2013, the province`s population and urbanization rate domicile reached about 53.6%, respectively, and 43.8%, both figures bureau in the country, exceeding the national average. Meanwhile, as the heritage resources in the province, under the provincial government attach great importance to the province sustained, healthy and rapid development of cultural undertakings, in a number of areas to achieve a historic breakthrough. In order to strengthen the process of urbanization, the construction of new rural cultural heritage protection, the province`s cultural relics departments at all levels have done a lot of effective work, as in the Third National immovable cultural relics census, the province has increased the Modern industrial heritage, the proportion of agricultural heritage, such as Shandong seaweed room and a number of representatives of the rural traditional culture symbols are also published last year in the seventh batch of key national and provincial key cultural relics protection units of the fourth installment, was officially announced as the cultural levels protection units.

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