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[2010.12.30]Report of the news conference

[9:10:57 December 29th, 2010] Shandong Newsnet: The Provincial Government press briefing is confirmed to be held at nine, December the 29th, 2010, Tuesday. Conditions after the Shandong Medium to Long-term Educational Reform and Development Program (from 2011 to 2020) coming into force will be issued. Our newsnet will offer real live broadcast of the briefing then, please pay attention.

[9:12:14 December 30th, 2010] Liu Baoju: Friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

[9:12:30 December 30th, 2010] Liu Baoju: The research and outline of the Program had been started since the end of 2008. On the base of deep research and suggestions consultation, we rewrite the program for many times and now it has been formally printed by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. The provincial press briefing is held here today. Mr. Qi Tao, Secretary of the College-working Committee of the provincial Party Committee and Director of the Education Department of Shanodng Province, Mr. Zhang Xingmin, Deputy Director of the Education Department of Shandong, Deputy Director-General Mr. Yang Ying and principals of related institutions are invited to give us a circular of the related conditions about the Program.

[9:13:12 December 30th, 2010] Liu Baoju: Reporters from the central press in Shandong, Hong Kong press branches in Shandong, as well as press directly under the province and main press of Jinan also attend the briefing.

[9:13:26 December 30th, 2010] Liu Baoju: First, I call on Mr. Qi Tao to inform us the spirit of the Program.

[9:16:19 December 30th, 2010] Qi Tao: Friends from the press, Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning. I would like to make a brief interpretation of the Program in four aspects. I will not repeat the content of it as every one of you have got the text.

[9:17:45 December 30th, 2010] Liu Baoju: The first aspect is the making process of the program. The second is the major strategic objective of the program. The third is the priority works of us in the program and the forth is the distinctive features of the program.

[9:20:15 December 30th, 2010] Qi Tao: Now I would talk about the first aspect. The research and outline of the National Program is started since the year of 2008 and our province started the work since July, 2008. The drafting work can be divided into three stages. The first stage lasted from July, 2008 to July, 2010. The basic text of the program was formed then. The second stage lasted from the Working Conference of the National Ministry of Education to the Working Conference of our Provincial Education. A draft standard for approval was formed in this stage. The third stage lasted from the Working Conference of our Provincial Education to the last week. The Program is finished in this stage.

[9:25:41 December 30th, 2010] Qi Tao: The second aspect is the objective of the Program, which is a little different from the National Program. Our objective is: complete the modernization of education in the year of 2020, changing our province from a large educational and populational province to a strong one. You can also see that a list of statistics is in the program. And these objectives are in accordance with two aspects. And one of the aspects is the requirement of the socio-economic development to our education development. We have been making a series of progress in the development of education. Firstly, the scale of the education has been developed from subsistence form to affluent form. 85% of the children can receive high-school education and the nine-year compulsory education has been popularized. These education conditions can basically satisfy the ever-increasing requirement of the people. Second, the education structure has also been developed. We have been paying priority to both vocation education and general education and other kinds of education are also developing well. Third, the quality of education has been improved markedly. And forth, the government input has been gradually increased. On account of the four improvements, we believe that after 10 years of development, our Shandong education will have the conditions to modernize. And in this way, we set our objectives of complete the modernization of education in the coming 10 years.

[9:27:55 December 30th, 2010] Qi Tao: The third aspect is the major works of us in the program. There are 8 major works, which are our 8 major projects. We should pay attention to them in the coming 10 years, especially the coming 5 years. If we cannot do them well, we cannot successfully fulfill the program. I would like to give you a much fully explanation to you here. We brought out the 8 major works after repeated investigation and study and have also taken the current conditions of education into account. Our whole society is paying its attention to education and you friends from the press can now it better because there is news about education in the newspaper everyday. And on the other hand, this reflects that there are series of problems existed in our education system. These problems are listed as follows. We have been paying much attention to the education for the “elites” in the past years. But now, as much more people can enjoy higher education, we should develop the education for all people. And as to our secondary vocational education, even it’s ratio and employment is with no problem, it is still giving the students simple technical training. And there are also problems with our quality-oriented education and preschool education. And the teacher quality and professional standards are still to be improved. Our 8 major works are outlined according to these problems.

[9:48:17 December 30th, 2010] Qi Tao: First, the preschool education. We are going to popularize the 3-year preschool education in the coming 10 years. We will increase the percentage of public kindergartens. This work can effectively improve conditions of the preschool education of our province and make a solid foundation for the popularization of 15-year elementary education. Second, the quality-oriented education, which is implemented in the unit of province in our country. The core of the quality-oriented education of this time is carrying out the national curriculum and the education policy. In the past years, we have put an end to the blind extra work for the children and made sure that curriculums ruled by the nation should be offered. Third, construction of standard schools. Our nation has been highlighting the balanced development of schools and the equal access to education. And because every school has its own features, we cannot make sure that all schools are the same. In this way, the balanced development can mean the same input of our government for every school, that is, the conditions of school operation should be the same. Forth, the construction project for the basic capability of vocation education. As I have mentioned above, our vocational education has mainly two problems: the bad education condition and the low education quality. So, we take out this work as one of our major works in the next 10 years. And this work mainly includes construction of normalized vocation schools, setting vocational schools as examples and so on. Fifth, we should improve the connotation of higher education. In the past 10 years, the higher education as basically completed the expansion and can now satisfy requirement of the people. And we were the first province to propose the improvement of the connotation of higher education and this project included 3 contents actually. First, the project of constructing elite schools and applied universities. Second, push forward the reform of the training modes of personnel and improve the quality of personnel training. Third, improve our levels of improving the school and their capability of serving the society. Sixth, the construction of teachers’ troop and seventh, the improvement of moral education and style of study.

[10:01:56 December 30th, 2010] Qi Tao: And now I will introduce you the distinctive features of the program. The features can be reflected in the following 6 aspects. First, the program reflected the development of general layout of education. Second, it reflected the foundation of education. Third, the service foundation of education. Forth, the equity of education. Fifth, the high investment of education and sixth, the innovation of education. These are my explanations of the program.

[10:03:12 December 30th, 2010] Liu Baoju: Now I call on Mr. Huang Sheng to give us a speech.

[10:03:20 December 30th, 2010] Huang Sheng: Comrades and friends from the press, the Shandong Medium to Long-term Educational Reform and Development Program (from 2011 to 2020) has been coming into force recently. It is a big event of our socio-economic development of our province and the new milestone of the reform and development of education. On behalf of the Shandong People’s Government, I would like to take this opportunity to give my sincere gratitude to you, for your consideration and support of the Shandong education, as well as to all the educators and all walks of society which have pay a lot of hard work during the drafting of the program. Education is a project of vital and lasting importance and we should firstly strengthen the education if we would like to strengthen our province. The provincial government and party committee have been paying priority to education and since the reform and opening up, we have been putting the education a vital strategic position under the right leadership of the central party committee and the State Council. And the development of education has applied us with many talents and personnel. The Program has a decisive meaning for our development. During the drafting of the program, the provincial party committee and government have been paying high priority to it and suggestions from every walks of the society have been collected and reflected in the program. We should make sure the program can come into effect and so, we should firstly enhance the organization and leadership and clear the division of labor. Second, we should set up series of supporting policies and refining the embodiment. Third, we should be practical and realistic and encourage innovation. Forth, we should publicize it widely and build good atmosphere and conditions.

[10:18:53 December 30th, 2010] Huang Sheng: Comrades, the education is the first and last word in building up a country and we are all responsible for the development of education. The Program is a new start for our work to develop the education. Let’s take this opportunity, work hard through innovations in a pioneering spirit and make more contribution to the economic and cultural development of our province.

[10:40:20 December 30th, 2010] Liu Baoju: Education is the footstone of the revitalization of our nation and development of the society. The Shandong Medium to Long-term Educational Reform and Development Program (from 2011 to 2020) carries out the educational policy in this new stage thoroughly and has laid out the outline for the development of education of our province in the coming 10 years. We hope the press will take this opportunity to give full report to the Program and in this way, the public will know much about the Program and then it can be taken into practice much smoothly. That’s the end of the briefing. Thank you.
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