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Yantai University, emerging by the Yellow Sea, is a key provincial university. It was founded in 1984 during the period of "reform and opening" to the outside world in which the State Education Committee assigned Peking University and Tsinghua University the task of sending their teaching, scientific research and administrative staff to directly help Yantai University with its construction and development. Thus, Yantai University was established with the guidance of two of the most prestigious universities in China and has since maintained a superior level of development in the process of reform.

Yantai University, located on the seashore of the eastern suburb of Yantai and covering a ground area of over 220 hectors with a completed building area of 650,000 square meters, is really a seaside university.

Within twenty years since its foundation, through the guidance of former National Leaders Wang Li, Honorary President of Yantai University, Zhang Chengxian, and others, and with the care of party committees and government officials at various levels along with the support from the people of various circles at home and abroad, Yantai University has become a comprehensive university with an extensive variety of specialties. Its educational system emphasizes full-time undergraduate education combined with a variety of programs, including graduate education, foreign student education, adult education and professional skill education: It has a unique layout of comprehensive disciplines with a distinct mode of personnel education.

Yantai University has twenty colleges and departments with forty-five undergraduate specialities, fifty-two graduate programs and one professional degree program. The university library is over 40,000 square meters with 1.2 million volumes and a high-level digital construction. The total investment in the teaching facilities amounts to 125 million RMB yuan. At present, the enrollment of full-time students, including graduate students, totals more than 25,000. These students come from twenty-seven provinces and regions.  Yantai University has an excellent teaching staff with a reasonable diversity of accomplishments and educational achievements.   
The faculty includes one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and one of the First 100 Outstanding National Teachers, and furthermore, 51% of the teachers hold doctoral or masters degrees.

The university makes a great effort to develop international academic and cultural exchanges and friendly contacts. Shortly after its foundation, Yantai University became one of the first colleges and universities that was approved by the State Council to accept foreign students and to invite foreign experts. It has established intercollegiate and scientific research cooperation agreements with over 40 universities and scientific research institutions in a dozen countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

Yantai University has focused on teaching and scientific research. It has given priority to discipline construction with the key to teaching staff construction and takes teaching quality as the lifeline with the stress to personnel education. It acquires a personnel education notion of the combination of science and engineering and the infiltration of art and science, and constantly innovates and improves the protective mechanism of teaching quality in order to raise the quality of teaching In 1995, Yantai University successfully
passed the first-round assessment of undergraduate education evaluation sponsored by the State Education

In the new era, during actively launching the new pioneering cause undertaking the second-phase of development, Yantai University makes much clear with its own characteristics the guidance and notion in its management and the basic principles of the support from Peking and Tsinghua universities, the construction of powerful disciplines, the orientation of high-level education, the prominence of its own advantages and the distinctive features of running the university.

In the next three to five years, Yantai University will vigorously.

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