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China University of Petroleum (CUP) is a state key comprehensive university under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of PRC and also one of the national "211 Project" universities. The university was founded in 1953, named Beijing Petroleum Institute, and moved to Shandong Province in 1969 with its name changed to East China Petroleum Institute. The university was renamed University of Petroleum in 1988 with two campuses respectively in Shandong and Beijing, and changed its name into China University of Petroleum in January 2005.
China University of Petroleum (Huadong) has two campuses respectively in Dongying and Qingdao. The university has Graduate School, 13 faculties (College of Geo-Resources and Information, College of Petroleum Engineering, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Electromechanical Engineering, College of Information and Control Engineering, College of Storage & Transportation and Architectural Engineering, College of Computer and Communication Engineering, College of Economics and Management, College of Mathematics and Computational Science, College of Physics Science and Technology, School of Foreign Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Physical Education), School of Military Reserve Officers, Advanced Vocational College, College of Distance and Continuing Education. The university has over 1,400 professional teachers, of whom 683 professors and associate professors, 739 doctoral supervisors and Master tutors. 
China University of Petroleum a teaching and research university with its focus on engineering and multiple disciplines coordinately developed. It has 5 state key disciplines, and 2 state key cultivating disciplines, 4 post-doctor stations, 4 first-grade disciplines and 32 second-grade disciplines for conferring doctoral degrees. It is entitled to confer Master`s degrees in 99 programs and 11 engineering programs and bachelor`s degrees in 54specialties. By now the university has turned out over 150,000 students.
China University of Petroleum is an important scientific research base for petroleum and petrochemical industries. It has 26 ministerial and provincial key research institutions. Shandong Shtar Science and Technology Group is, as a backbone enterprise of the university, a state high-tech enterprise, and also a pilot test base and industrial test base for petroleum and petrochemical industries. China University of Petroleum Science Park is a National University Science Park.
China University of Petroleum will have been built into a country-famous high-level university with its petroleum disciplines reaching the world`s first-class level.

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