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Overview Dongying

Established in October 1983, Dongying city has two districts and three counties under its jurisdiction (namely, Dongying district, Hekou district, Guangrao county, Lijin county and Kenli county).It has a population of 1.8 million and is home to the Shengli Oilfield—China`s second largest oilfield, and the University of Petroleum—a national key university. Lying in the warm temperate zone, Dongying has a semi-humid continental climate which features four distinct seasons and pleasant temperature with 206 frost-free days and annual average temperature of 13.1 centigrade. Over the past 20-odd years since its establishment, with the large scale development and construction of Shengli Oilfield and the Yellow River Delta, the economical and social undertakings of Dongying have witnessed leap-forward development , which has attracted attention from home and abroad. The central government has listed the “Development of High-Efficiency Eco-friendly Economy in the Yellow River Delta” in China’s “Eleventh Five-year Plan”. Shandong provincial government has made a decision to construct a “Shandong Manufacturing Industries Base” in Dongying city. In 2006, the provincial government decided to develop the Yellow River Delta High-effect Eco-friendly Economy centering on Dongying City and put great efforts to accelerate the development of the Yellow River Delta. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization has confirmed Dongying city as an “International Demonstration Region for Green Industry”. Since 1999, Dongying city has implemented the strategy of “Opening-up, Investment Promotion and Leap-forward Development”. With the expansion of foreign cooperation and rapid development of urban construction, Dongying has experienced prosperous development in all fields, and has won honorary titles like “State-level Clean City”, “State Model City for Environmental Protection”, “State Model City for Technological Innovation Projects”, and “National Advanced City in Technological Progress” etc. In 2008, the GDP of Dongying hit 206.5 billion Yuan, about 11,201 U.S. dollars per capita. Dongying ranked 27th among “Top 100 Cities of China” in terms of comprehensive economical strength, and was evaluated by the Forbes as one of 20 best cities for setting-up of factories in China. 
Geographical Location

Dongying city is located in the Yellow River Delta of Northern Shandong Province. The Yellow River—the mother river of Chinese nation, enters the sea within the territory of Dongying city. Dongying lies at 36°55′~38°10 north latitude and 118°07′~119°10′ east longitude. It borders on Bohai sea on the east and north, and has a total area of 7,923 square kilometers.
Rich Natural resources 
(1)Land resources

Dongying has a total land area of 805,300 hectares, among which 333,400 hectares have not been developed yet. With per capita land area of 4,575.6 square meters, Dongying is the richest region in terms of land resource among eastern costal cities of China, thus providing a vast space for the development of manufacturing industries base of Bohai-rim Economical Circle.
(2)Mineral resources

Dongying city is the home to Shengli Oilfield—the second largest oilfield of China, with proved 4.6 billion tons of oil reserves and 221.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Here is also abundant in saline resources, with 7.4 billion cubic meters of shallow seashore saline water and 590 billion tons of underground salt mine reserves. These resources provide favorable conditions for the development of petro-chemical and salt industries.
(3)Marine resources

Dongying has 350.34 kilometers of coastline. The area of zero-meter isobath low beach totals 101,900 hectares, and that of minus 10-meter isobath shallow sea totals 4,800 square kilometers, providing ideal sites for the development of aquatic farming.

(4)Water resources

The Yellow River flows though Dongying city, stretching a distance of 138 kilometers with annual runoff volume of 33.26 billion cubic meters. Dongying has lump-sum water storage capacity of 874 million cubic meters. Dongying ranks first in Shandong province in terms of per capital water resources, providing reliable and sufficient water supply for the development of basic industries and modern agriculture.

Sufficient energies

(1)Electric power resource

Dongying is supplied by the national and local power grids, and has sufficient electric power supply. The local power grid of Dongying is the biggest one in terms of power supply in Shandong province, with 16 local power plants and annual power supply capacity of 1,220 MW. There are 53 transformer substations of over 110 KV, with a total capacity of 3.98 million KV-amperes, which provides reliable supply for the industrial and agricultural use, as well as urban residential use.

(2)Oil and gas resources

Dongying is rich in oil and natural gas resources, which provide sufficient energy for economical development and urban construction.

(3)Geothermal resources

The proved hot ground water totals 460 billion cubic meters, which ranks the first in Shandong province and makes Dongying possess favorable condition for urban heating supply and tourism development.
Convenient transportation


In Dongying, high-grade roads lead in all directions. The expressway, which goes across Dongying from north to south, is connected with Jinan-Qingdao, Beijing-Shanghai,Beijing-Fuzhou expressways. Dongying is 400 kilometers, 320 kilometers, 310 kilometers and 200 kilometers away from Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao and Shanghai respectively. An expressway around Bohai sea is already completed in 2008, enabling Dongying to be more prominent in terms of geographical location.


The railway in Dongying is connected with Jiaozhou-Jinan and Beijing-kowloon Railways. The railway construction project around Bohai sea has been approved by the state government, and will start soon.


At present, there are 2 flight routes scheduled, i.e., Dongying-Beijing, Dongying-Shanghai. The airport is under expansion to open new domestic and international flights.


Dongying port is a national grade-one port, which can provide berths for 5,000-ton ships. It is now under construction for two 30,000-ton berths.
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